Falling Leaf Chandeliers

'Falling Leaf' is our first truly kinetic chandelier created using a diverse and innovative mix of materials. We introduced this design with only 3D printed leaves a few months ago but have now further evolved the design to include hand cut and embossed brass leaves. The new leaves are electroplated with a bright copper or nickel finish on the underside and a contrasting powder coated a gloss white to the front surface; each one is then heated and individually hand shaped.

We launched the hybrid ‘Falling Leaf’ design at the recent 100% Design in London to great acclaim.

Produced as a bespoke item and available in a wide variety of formats and compositions, it is suitable for any scale of interior. Each composition is created from a palate of numerous interchangeable leaf forms discussed individually per project; typically, we include around 15% 3D printed leaves amongst the brass versions unless otherwise requested. Available in dimmable warm, neutral or cool white (2700K to 5000K) and as a full colour (RGBW) DMX version, controllable via a smartphone app.

1. Falling Leaf Chandeliers

"I was initially inspired to design and create a leaf chandelier when looking up at vibrant new leaf growth in the spring, their structure revealed by the glowing sunlight. Later in the year, in autumn, I was walking through a favourite spot in London, surrounded by large dappled maple trees, their leaves swirling around me as they fell to the ground.

As the leaves die, their forms become far more convoluted and diverse, more three dimensional and sculptural. This became the true inspiration for the exact forms I wished to create. I was also fascinated by the movement as they fell through the air – I wanted to make a light installation that became a 'snapshot' of leaves being carried in the wind"

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2. Falling Leaf Chandeliers

"In wanting to capture the movement and form of real maple leaves, we started experimenting with thin porcelain but soon realised that the material, while beautiful and translucent, remained too fragile and brittle."

Iestyn Davies – Creative Director CCC Ltd

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3. Falling Leaf Chandeliers

Artefacts destined for the lighting market, made using 3D CAD files, often seem mathematical or geometric; we wanted to see if we could use this innovative process to create something more organic - 3D laser sintering offered a very real alternative to porcelain, the fused white polymer possessing a similar translucency and allowing fine detail. 3D printing as a manufacturing process is still in its infancy and still expensive, priced as it is on volumetric mass and printing time with higher resolution machines costing a premium; the detail and resolution that can be achieved however is remarkable.

It was a new process for us to learn; in the end we generated five 3D models, in three sizes so that our chandelier compositions would remain versatile, bespoke and true to nature. We created the models with the help of a brilliant 3D CAD technician in the US.

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4. Falling Leaf Chandeliers

This was the first 3D printed Falling Leaf chandelier that we produced. Our client, who had visited the studio interested with a different chandelier design, saw our prototype and promptly changed their mind.

This hallway installation contains just 54 leaves and drops just over 4 metres in a private residence in Central England. There are 5 warm white LED down lights in the top plate; they can be dimmed at night time.

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5. Falling Leaf Chandeliers

This image shows a similar chandelier where the client also requested dimmable warm white LED down lighters; this image shows the leaves moments after we finished installing.

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6. Falling Leaf Chandeliers

This dining room setting uses the very latest RGBW LED down lights set into the highly polished black acrylic top plate, which reflects the leaves when viewed from a seated position. These lights can be dimmed, scrolled or paused using a smartphone app.

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7. Falling Leaf Chandeliers

The dining room falling Leaf light on test in the studio; seen from below.

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8. Falling Leaf Chandeliers

This image shows a close up of a beautiful chandelier we created within the foyer of an inspiring contemporary house near Weybridge, Southern England in early 2017. We used printed leaves ranging from around 120mm across to around 230mm. You can just see the thin wires we use to suspend the individual leaves shining in the pastel peach colour set at the time.

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9. Falling Leaf Chandeliers

This image shows a close-up of a beautiful chandelier we created within the foyer of an inspiring contemporary house near Weybridge, Southern England in early 2017. We used printed leaves ranging from around 120mm to 230mm in width. You can just see the thin wires we use to suspend the individual leaves illuminated in a pastel peach colour, which has been pre-set using the dedicated smartphone app.

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10. Falling Leaf Chandeliers

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11. Falling Leaf Chandeliers

While creating our first Falling Leaf chandeliers we were researching the use of other materials to achieve a similar effect; over several months we developed a complimentary process using thin brass sheet that was hand cut then embossed by hand with the finer details. We developed a way of electroplating the lower surface and chose both bright nickel and bright copper finishes, while powder coating the upper surface with a gloss white.

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12. Falling Leaf Chandeliers

Finally we reached a perfect mix using both processes to create the latest Falling Leaf Chandelier; in these images we have used around 85% electroplated brass leaves and 15% 3D printed . The larger polymer leaves are more expensive to produce which is why in most cases we add them as an accent within the mix. We showed the first Falling Leaf Chandelier at 100% Design in September 2017 and are just starting to install the first mixed material Falling Leaf Installations – more images soon.

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13. Falling Leaf Chandeliers

The leaves captured in this image are being lit and highlighted by the our controllable RGBW LED down lights, set on a subtle champagne colour; Sally, our model, is lit with an equally subtle blue and pink light.

The chandelier is a mix of bright nickel and white and bright copper and white brass leaves intermingled with a number of white polymer 3D printed leaves.

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14. Falling Leaf Chandeliers

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