"Medusa" Jellyfish

The "Medusa" Jellyfish consist of a hand-blown glass body with a myriad of mica flecks encapsulated within the glass. There are 8 trails of glass applied onto the surface of the glass and 8 individually sculpted glass tentacles.

Full colour RGB LED tape runs vertically within the body fixed to a mirrored acrylic form that creates an inner core that reflects all the mica particles.

1. "Medusa" Jellyfish

Fusing the latest LED technology, fibre optics and beautifully hand-crafted blown and solid sculpted hot glass. Shown at approx. 280 mm wide and 850 mm tall.

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2. "Medusa" Jellyfish

Medusa Jellyfish have an air of realism when grouped together in a 'fluther'. (This is one of four possible collective nouns for a group of Jellyfish - equally descriptive would be a 'smack' , 'brood ' or 'smuth 'of Jellyfish).

These larger Jellyfish are usually used in a smuth, suspended from a shared top plate. Each is hung from a 1.5mm stainless wire and weighs around 4 Kilos or 8 pounds.

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3. "Medusa" Jellyfish

Each has two lighting schedules; the primary circuit is programmable via Radio frequency digital controllers , allowing control of individual colours , static or colour- change ; you can even select the brightness level. The second circuit is a pure white fibre optic circuit; this remains on when the jellyfish receives power.

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4. "Medusa" Jellyfish
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5. "Medusa" Jellyfish

We were recently asked by a leading Interior company in London to design and manufacture another one of a kind Jellyfish Installation to go into an upmarket residence in London in the corner of a large pool room. They wanted it to be more of an installation so we added acrylic air bubbles.

The following shots were taken in the studio so that the client could have a preview.

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6. "Medusa" Jellyfish

Medusa Jellyfish are the largest species we currently create. Each comes with two lighting circuits; the primary circuit illuminates the main body and tentacles, This colour display is controlled with an RF interface, either a hand-held controller or more usually, a smart phone App. This allows you to create your own colour combination which you can govern the speed or brightness. You can further choose any single colour, including white or turn the display on or off remotely.

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7. "Medusa" Jellyfish
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