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3) Artistic AND viable?

Written by Iestyn Davies
Creative Director, Contemporary Chandelier Company


Through this blog I’d like to show people that you can survive and prosper in this world by creating work that is unique, individual yet still commercial.

Through sharing our experiences, our story and what we have learned over the years, we are hoping to inspire others and start a discussion about what is creativity, how is it considered nowadays, and how people can be creative. We are trapped in the “Age of Austerity” without any respite; I’m sure I am not alone in getting distraught about where the world is going in terms funding for creative industries; how it always gets cut, and how young people are discouraged to pursue their careers in arts. It’s the hardest thing to take yourself and your creativity to make your mark on the world.

There will always be different definitions of what constitutes and defines artwork of any importance. Similarly, there are various opinions as to what defines whether you are viewed as a craft worker, artist, designer, product designer, interior designer or designer-maker.

To summarise my view on the case, we are all of these things at some point. There are many people who want to create and don’t know yet what and how. I want to show them that anything is possible in terms of taking your ideas, your passions, and finding a vehicle to drive them. In my case it was the art of glassmaking, but it can be different things to different people.

Many people have a dream, and many do not know what it is they want, they just know the type of thing they want to pursue – it was the same for me. I had to find out what my dream was, and I think that’s how a lot of people are; not knowing what they want, confused and bewildered by their options. I’d like to show by my own story how I went from not knowing what I wanted to achieve something that I really enjoy and that has occupied me for all my adult life.

I hope this blog will serve as an inspiration to provoke some thoughts on that topic.


2) Social Media? Really?

Written by Iestyn Davies
Creative Director, Contemporary Chandelier Company


One needs to remember, however, that things are changing quicker than ever before. For example, we now live in a time when some companies are grown entirely online. With Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and many more, it seems that now you HAVE to show you are a human and able to connect, even when you are a big company. This is what we would like to show with this blog: we are genuine artists, we do listen to each and every client and we operate on a very personal level, tailoring our work to the tiniest detail in response to the intended end result. And even though we tried to show it in our customer approach, our marketing specialists remind us that in this modern day we might cease to be viable if we don’t put more effort into our social media.

I never had to think about blogging before and in truth I initially resented the fact that my company would have to commit even more time to this marketing task. It was only recently when I realised, we could show how and why we do what we do in a great new way. I realised that via Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest we have an opportunity to justify why we are different and valuable within market composed mostly of imported brands and mass-produced commercial lighting.


Photograph credit: Sally Sparrow Photography



Welcome to the blog of the Contemporary Chandelier Company!


We would like this blog to become a platform where we can share our insights on what it means to be an artist, product designer, glassmaker and an independent UK chandelier producer. We understand that the expertise we have gained over the past 30 years is a short, narrow line, but we would like to share some of that knowledge in order to inspire other people; be it young artists on their way to discover what they want to do, or people who are just interested in what goes on behind the scenes.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing some of our stories and keeping you posted about what is happening at Contemporary Chandelier Company.

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