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Staircase Chandeliers

When you think about classic interior decoration and tasteful elegance, one of the features that people think of are chandeliers. Stairwell chandeliers are the perfect way to introduce a feature element into the property as well as ensuring that your home space is brightly lit and welcoming.

A staircase area can be difficult to decorate. In many homes, these are left undecorated, or are simply used as a place to hang pictures. What a shame to miss out on the chance to use this area of the home to make a design statement. After all, this is an area through which you and your family members will pass on a daily basis. How many times in a day do you go up or down the stairs, or across the landing or hallway at the top and bottom? Doubtless you cross through that space on several occasions in the day. It is a great space to use for a feature of the home.

Our staircase chandeliers are created to use the space over your stairs well. Whether you have a simple straight flight of stairs, a spiral space or open stairs into a large room, our large stairwell chandeliers can make the best use of the available space. It provides good lighting as well as making an eye-catching, artistic display for you and your visitors to enjoy. With long chandeliers, stairwell spaces can become stylish and elegant spaces, just as much as your living room or dining room.

We provide contemporary designs to suit your style and decoration. We use traditional methods of construction, combined with modern materials and forms, to create contemporary stairwell chandeliers which are functional as well as beautiful.

At the Contemporary Chandelier Company, our team of specialists consists of professional craftspeople with experience working in the design and manufacture of bold contemporary designs. Each piece is a unique creation, because no two homes are the same and no two customers have the same taste and ideas in mind. We specialise in creating what our customers want for their homes and businesses. You can see our current collection of beautiful designs on the website, and we also provide a bespoke creation service. As a company, we have over 30 years of experience in working with blown glass. We combine this experience and craftsmanship with modern technologies and materials to create a truly unique collection which cannot be bought anywhere else in the world.

For our team of specialists, no job is too small or too large. If you want a small lighting display, we are ready to provide the design and manufacturing. At the same time, we can provide large and striking installations. We specialise in centrepieces which are unique and tailored to enhance and complement their setting. We can create the most complex and intricate stairwell crystal chandelier for your home.

For more information about our range of sculptures, including quotes for a bespoke and contemporary design of staircase chandelier, contact our team today. We are happy to provide you with the information that you require to find the right lighting feature for your home.


Jellyfish Chandeliers

Here at the Contemporary Chandelier Company, we provide our clients with a range of lighting designs, combining lighting with sculpture. Today we are going to focus on our blown glass jellyfish chandelier, looking at the creatures that inspired it and what we have to offer for sale.

The Inspiration of The Jellyfish

In the natural world, although some jellyfish contain potentially deadly venom, there remains a fascination with these sea creatures. Formed of an umbrella-shaped bell body and trailing tentacles, these sea creatures have existed for at least 500 million years and are considered the oldest multi-organ animal group. It is some species of jellyfish’s bioluminescence that has been the inspiration for the jellyfish chandeliers we have to offer our customers.

What is Bioluminescence?

Simply put, bioluminescence is when a living organism emits light. In the deep dark of the ocean, some types of jellyfish provide this phosphorescence and display an incredible beauty. Whilst bioluminescence can be used for many reasons, including attracting a mate and communication, with jellyfish it is thought to be a warning to other of potential predators.

Our Jellyfish Chandeliers

It is from the bioluminescence of jellyfish where we draw inspiration from for these chandeliers, in terms of both their form and fluidity of movement. Our designs include glass, mirrored acrylic, mica and light to create these unique lit sculptures, which is dynamic in its use of lighting. We offer two styles within this range as interior lighting for the modern home interior.

Choose Your Design

The first in our range of jellyfish chandeliers is the ‘Medusa’, which is named after the sexual phase of the sea creature, yet also carries its own mythology. The second is the ‘Hydra’, which is named after a jellyfish-like organism. The ‘Medusa’ design is the most complex, made of two lighting circuits, with the first illuminating both the main body and glass tentacles with full colour LEDs, and the second illuminating the fibre optics. The smaller option is the ‘Hydra’ design, which can be made with two sets of fibre option, which are thicker than in the ‘Medusa’ design.

Contact Us

If you would like to discover more about jellyfish lights and chandeliers, get in touch with us by completing our online contact form or emailing us at Alternatively, you can speak with a member of the team directly by calling us on 01939 232. We will be glad to help you with any questions you may have for us about these chandeliers or any other aspects of our business.


Glass Chandeliers

Combining striking designs and modern illumination, we produce unique components to create modern glass chandeliers. Most of our styles hide the light source within the composition, a signature feature of Contemporary Chandelier Company Ltd. Today, we will explore the range of blown glass chandeliers we design and how they can elevate your surroundings.


As our most popular design to date, the Elements range is a dazzling centrepiece for any room. Each clear ball is hand-blown in the UK and cut to a pattern so that the hidden light source appears to radiate from the sphere’s centre. The Elements range is available in Cool White and Warm Light LEDs to enhance the atmosphere of your environment.


Suited for narrow spaces and wider compositions, our striking Ice chandeliers are a spectacular addition to any room. Crafted by master glassmakers in the UK, the spikes are made from hot crystal sculpted at the furnace side. With a design exclusive to CCC Ltd, we trap thousands of Mica flakes inside the solid hot crystal form. Each spike is lit individually by a super bright LED, available with warm, cool, white, and full colour-changing bulbs.

Silk, Latticello, and Seafoam

We offer a range of three explorations of how integrated light sources enhance the natural beauty of glass. Silk is formed by a sphere of blown glass wrapped with thin, winding trails that capture and distort the central light. Latticello is a modern spin on an ancient Roman technique of twisting a thin cane to create a distinctive optical motif. Seafoam is a unique composition inspired by microscopic organisms that illuminate the depths of the ocean.


Following the success of the Elements range, we introduced the ‘Crizzle’ to feature the same innovative design and integral LED system. The Crizzle range fuses traditional techniques and contemporary styling to create a captivating, fragile appearance.

Contact Us

We use several techniques to form exquisite objects and bespoke statement pieces. From clear to stained glass chandeliers, we can create an illuminating centrepiece to suit your style. You can discover more about our contemporary chandeliers by staying up to date with the latest news on our blog. Do not hesitate to reach out to our team by completing our online form or speaking to us directly by email or phone.


Falling Leaf Chandeliers

Imagine illuminated leaves, suspended as though falling in the air. Our falling leaf chandeliers offer a unique light feature that can appear to slow or stop time, creating an incredible ambience in any room. Using kinetic lighting design, our falling leaf chandeliers were our first venture into lighting of this kind, combining brass and 3D-printed leaf elements.


Fusing together the organic beauty of the natural world with the latest technology through wirelessly controlled lighting effects and a virtually invisible monofilament suspension system, the addition of movement brings the chandelier to life in a hypnotic display of colour and visual texture.


Each falling leaf arrangement is made from a wide palate of interchangeable leaf forms, each produced from either patinated or electroplated brass or laser sintered polymer, making each chandelier design one-of-a-kind. They are made bespoke, with your specifications regarding your desired materials and finishes.


When it comes to the lighting element, falling leaf chandeliers can be produced with either dimmable white light, or the very latest in RGBW. The lights are usually held within a highly polished stainless steel or polished acrylic top plate, which creates a full mirrored image when viewed from below. It is possible to dim the integral down-lighting as well as scrolling or pausing through our Smart Phone App.


Our falling leaf chandeliers allude to the tradition of taking artistic inspiration from nature, with our chandeliers taking this history a step further by suspending the leaves in such a way as to appear that they are spiralling in a current of air. In addition to our falling leaf chandeliers, we also offer a specific autumnal aesthetic with our autumn leaf chandeliers. Whichever design you prefer, just as in nature, we aim to make each of the leaves unique rather than repeat generic shapes by creating leaves in five styles, each in three sizes, two materials, and two finishes. 


In our autumn design, each individual element is heated and hand-shaped upon installation, so the gold leaf chandelier effect is made to look as natural as possible, with no two elements ever being exactly the same.  If you would like one of these bespoke chandelier designs as your centrepiece in an entrance hall, stairway or reception areas, please get in touch today to discover more.


About Our Staircase Chandeliers

About Our Staircase Chandeliers


Here at the Contemporary Chandelier Company, we provide our clients with a range of chandelier designs, combining lighting with sculpture. Today we are going to focus on staircase chandeliers, covering what they are, how you place them, and how to find the perfect style for your home.


What are Staircase Chandeliers?


Staircase chandeliers, also known as stairwell chandeliers, are designed to work with the stairwell of a building. They do not tend to go over the staircase itself, but rather adjacent to it. They work particularly well for staircases with a large centre, so they can be viewed from each landing area. They also work well for grand open staircases that sweep around the building, make more of a focal point of the area. The staircase includes the steps themselves, whilst a stairwell refers to the empty space that extends vertically through the building, containing the stairs. It is the stairwell where these types of chandeliers are placed.



How do you Place Staircase Chandeliers?


When considering the position of your chandelier, the precise measurements are key. Whilst an object of beauty, the practical side of their use is to illuminate the space, so this is important to keep in mind through the design process. You could try to add the length and width of the room together, and this total should offer the diameter of your chandelier. You should also measure the distance between the stairs, the railing, and the ceiling, avoiding it being in easy reach, so it is untouchable.



Find Your Style


When considering a style, it is important to think of the setting that you are placing it in. Whether you go for a more modern look, or stick with a traditional aesthetic, we can create something to suit your interior style. For example, our falling leaf designs can offer illuminated leaves cascading down your stairwell, or we can produce something bespoke just for you.


Other Factors to Consider


There are more elements to consider when installing your staircase chandelier. This includes making sure your ceiling’s loading capacity is going to support your new staircase feature, how you will access it (for example, for cleaning and replacing bulbs), and what kind of lightbulbs you would like. For example, we offer LED lights that help to save energy, and require less changing, available in an array of colours.





Contact Us


If you would like to discover more, get in touch with us by completing our online contact form or emailing us at You can also speak to a member of the team directly by calling us on 01939 232. We will be happy to help you with any queries.


Jellyfish Chandeliers

Jellyfish chandeliers from Contemporary Chandeliers are a bold and unique new style for domestic or commercial environments, created by master craftspeople.  We are confident that a blown glass jellyfish chandelier will automatically become a central feature of any space in which it is installed.  What inspired these jellyfish lights, and how has technology allowed us to go further than ever in recreating the effects of some of nature’s most exotic spectacles right in your own home?

For centuries, the ocean has proved to be an inspiration to fantasy authors, illustrators, and film-makers.  From 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and The Little Mermaid to Moby Dick and Jaws, storytellers have used the underwater realm to represent the exotic and the fantastical, the unknown and the unknowable.

What makes the underwater environment such a fertile source of offbeat ideas?  Firstly, the ocean is inaccessible – without specialist vehicles or apparatus, humans can only explore the infinitesimal fringes of what is by far and away the most extensive surface ecosystem on Earth.  The second factor is the lighting – or lack of it.  Even at latitudes which bask in bright sunlight, the sea gets darker very quickly as you descend.  Many shallow regions are shrouded in a perpetual twilight which adds a sense of mystery, just as does mood lighting in a lounge or nightclub.

Deeper still, the only sources of light are the intriguing bio-luminescent flora and fauna which are found in some regions – which brings us to our third point.  We can all drive through the countryside and observe cows and sheep in the fields.  We can book holidays to see more exotic creatures, such as giraffes and penguins.  But nothing can prepare you for the surreal experience of witnessing the strangest aquatic creatures and plants first-hand.  Eels, anglerfish, cephalopods, and possibly the weirdest of all – Medusozoa, more commonly known as jellyfish – couldn’t be stranger to our eyes if they actually arrived from another planet.

Capturing the essence of this remote realm, and the ethereal beauty if its inhabitants, was the goal of the designers working on this project.  By taking materials which play with the light, and working them into forms which suggest slow and graceful movement, the Contemporary Chandeliers team have created jellyfish lights which are completely unlike anything else available on the market.  Each blown glass jellyfish chandelier boasts hand-crafted elements, and therefore each one is unique.

The latest LED lighting technology has allowed us to take this concept to the next level of realism.  Multi-coloured, dimmable light sources are installed in each ‘jellyfish’, and settings can be changed by remote control.  Meanwhile, the optical fibres which hang down and catch pinpoints of light are almost hypnotic, like the tendrils of some of the strangest and most astonishing creatures you might ever hope to see.

The two types of jellyfish chandelier for sale are the ‘Medusa’ and ‘Hydra’ lines.  To learn more about our jellyfish chandeliers, falling leaf chandeliers, crystal and glass models and other works, please contact us by telephone or online.


Crystal Chandeliers

Here at the Contemporary Chandelier Company, we provide our clients with a range of chandelier designs, combining lighting with sculpture. As well as our unique falling leaf and jellyfish chandeliers, and bespoke commissions, we offer a standard range of contemporary LED glass and crystal chandeliers. Today we are going to focus on our crystal chandelier category.


What is Crystal Glass?


The basic material of crystal was historically a type of glass where lead replaces the calcium content of a typical potash glass. In modern times, the lead is sometimes replaced with barium oxide, zinc oxide, or potassium oxide. However, the use of lead oxide when added to the molten glass means that it has a much higher index of refraction than regular glass. This is what gives it the extra sparkle we have come to associate with chandeliers, raising the correlated dispersion, which produces the colourful prism effect.


The History of Ornamental Crystal Glass


The use of decorative crystal glass for ornamental purposes goes back hundreds of years. There were even hanging oil lamps in the Byzantine period, and the earliest candle chandelier dates back to the medieval times. By the 15th century, more complex designs began to appear, with the cut glass chandelier dominating from around 1750 to 1900. During the mid-19th century, gas lighting became more popular, when more elaborate chandeliers continued to be developed. Whilst in the 20th century, chandeliers were often used as focal points in rooms rather than illuminated lights, with the use of LED lighting in contemporary chandeliers, it is now possible to be more creative and innovative with the ornamental design of chandeliers, that combines crystal glass with light.


Contemporary Crystal Chandeliers


Whilst traditional crystal chandeliers feature in an historical buildings and stately homes, through the use of the latest technology, we have begun to see chandeliers in a new light – both literally and figuratively speaking. The use of LED lighting and all the benefits it provides has led to the opportunity for designers to re-imagine their craft in thrilling new ways.  As LED lights are more efficient and easier to control than incandescent bulbs, modern crystal chandeliers can be made to be both brighter and more delicate in form, without requiring more energy.  The array of available colours can also add more creativity to contemporary designs.


Crystal Chandelier Design


At first, we produced our own designs in response to clients' specifications, so special bespoke projects have always been a big part of our business. Our contemporary LED chandeliers combine the traditional sparkle people associate with cut crystal with a modern twist. Within this category, we offer three distinct deigns: Swoosh, Spiral, Twist, as well as those for corporate clients. Each of our designs uses high quality Austrian crystal and LED downlights within the top plate that can be adjusted with a remote control.


Contact Us


To discover more about our LED crystal chandeliers, get in touch with us by completing our online contact form or emailing us at Alternatively, can speak to a member of the team directly by calling us on 01939 232. We will be happy to help you with any queries you may have for us about our LED crystal chandeliers or any other aspects of our business.




Jellyfish Lights

Here at Contemporary Chandeliers, we use various hot glass techniques to create a wide selection of handmade objects, incorporating blown and solid elements within our glass chandeliers designs. As part of our range, we offer blown glass jellyfish chandelier lights for sale. Today we are going to focus on the features of these chandeliers, the techniques used to create them, and the different types from which you can choose.


The Jellyfish Chandelier


Whilst in reality, jellyfish can be dangerous sea creatures, there is a fascination with their beauty which is often captured on nature documentaries, where we can keep safe distance from their fatal stings. Inspired by the shape and movement of these sea creatures, we aim to capture the beauty of the jellyfish in these chandelier designs. Through the use of colour and light, our jellyfish chandeliers evoke the bioluminescence of these natural phenomena. 


Blown Glass Techniques


Our jellyfish chandeliers are formed using hand-blown glass techniques, which are combined with mirrored acrylic and mica material. These are then lit up to create stunning chandelier sculptures. Within our jellyfish range, we offer two designs: the ‘Medusa’ and the ‘Hydra’. Whichever you opt for, when placed in a room, each will transport you to a magical underwater world.


Medusa Jellyfish Chandeliers


The ‘Medusa’ jellyfish chandelier is made from two lighting circuits, with the first illuminating the main body and glass tentacles with full colour LEDs, and the second lights being the fibre optics. The body of the jellyfish light is made from hand-blown glass, with flecks of mica encapsulated within the glass. It consists of eight trails of glass on the surface, with eight individually sculptured glass tentacles. The full colour RGB LED tape runs vertically throughout the body, which is attached to the mirrored acrylic, which forms the inner core, reflecting the mica elements.


Hydra Jellyfish Chandeliers


Due to the international popularity of the original ‘Medusa’ jellyfish lights, we developed the ‘Hydra’ jellyfish chandeliers. This chandelier is much more suitable for export to the USA and other countries overseas. Instead of the fragile tentacles, the Hydra chandelier features a dynamic array of handmade fibre optic strands. Overall, this option is smaller and less fragile than the original design. It is available in suspended groups in a range of different and complementary shapes. Whichever design would best meet your requirements, you are sure to be able to create a mesmerising and impactful space, whether for an event space, a hotel foyer, or as part of an artistic project. 


Contact Us


To discover more about our jellyfish chandeliers and to discuss which design would work best for you, get in touch with us by completing our online contact form or emailing us at You can call also us on 01939 232 652 in order to speak to a member of our team directly and we will be happy to help you with any queries you may have for us about our jellyfish lights or any other aspects of our business.


Glass Chandeliers

Here at Contemporary Chandeliers, we specialise in supplying chandeliers, from the designing and building stages right through to their installation. Our chandeliers are unique as are not only chandeliers, but artistic sculptures of light and glass. Today we’re going to look at our complete range of glass chandeliers.


The Contemporary LED Glass Chandelier


Our LED chandeliers are like no other, as they are made in-house as self-built LED modules that are made precisely to enhance the properties of the glass. In our range of contemporary LED glass chandeliers, we offer four designs: ‘Ice’ chandeliers, ‘Elements’ chandeliers, ‘Silk, Latticello and Seafoam’ chandeliers, and ‘Crizzle’ chandeliers. The ‘Ice’ chandeliers are formed to look like icicles and ‘Elements’ adopt a spherical shape where the light is hidden. The third range includes ‘Silk’, which involves thin trails of clear glass that are wound around a blown form; ‘Latticello’, which are influenced by an ancient Roman technique, with thin white glass cane twisted to form an optical pattern; and ‘Seaform’, which is inspired by sea creatures and organisms. Lastly, ‘Crizzle’ chandeliers is another glass ball chandelier, which evolved from the ‘Elements’ design, using a mixture of warm and cool light.


The Blown Glass Jellyfish Chandelier


Our jellyfish chandeliers are inspired by the shape and movement of sea creatures, designed to evoke the bioluminescence through the use of colour and light.  The hand-blown glass is combined with mirrored acrylic and mica, lit up to create a beautiful chandelier sculpture. Within this range, we offer two styles: the ‘Medusa’ and the ‘Hydra’. The ‘Medusa’ is made from two lighting circuits: the first illuminates the main body and glass tentacles with full colour LEDs, and the second lights the fibre optics.


The Glass Leaf Chandelier


If you want to bring natural elements into your chandelier design, our falling leaf chandeliers present our first venture into kinetic lighting, combining brass and 3D printed leaf components. These chandeliers are created bespoke for you, in dimmable white lights or RGBW. Within our falling leaf range, we also have an autumn leaf version, which aims to deliver an autumnal feel through its use of natural, golden tones, as opposed to the more vibrant colours of the standard falling leaf chandeliers.


Bespoke Commissioned Chandeliers


Aside from our own designs, which we can customise to the preferences of each client, we are able to create completely bespoke chandeliers as part of a special commission service. Special commissions include wall art, sculptures and installations, and interiors and corporate projects.


Contact Us


To find out more about our range of glass chandeliers, get in touch with us by completing our online contact form or emailing us at You can also call us on 01939 232 652 to speak to a member of our team directly and we will be glad to help you with any questions you may have for us about our glass chandeliers or any other aspects of our business.


Falling Leaf Chandeliers

Here at Contemporary Chandeliers, we specialise in designing, building and installing chandeliers. We believe our chandeliers are unique in that they are not simply chandeliers, but artistic sculptures in light and glass. Today we are shining the spotlight on our falling leaf chandeliers, so read on to find out more.


Leaf Chandeliers


Within our range of leaf chandeliers, we offer the classic falling leaf design, as well as a special autumn leaf option. These designs make up our first venture into kinetic lighting design, employing both Brass and 3D printed leaf elements. Interchangeable leaf forms are formed from either patinated or electroplated brass or laser sintered polymer. The lights used in these chandeliers are usually held within a highly polished stainless steel or polished acrylic top plate, creating a full mirrored image when viewed from below. Fusing together the organic beauty of the natural world with the latest technological developments in the form of wirelessly controlled adaptive leaf chandelier lighting effects and a virtually invisible monofilament suspension system, we combine the final component: movement. The kinetic effects bring the design to life, with a subtle yet enchanting display of colour and texture.


Bespoke Leaf Chandeliers


Every chandelier we create is a bespoke product, where we use your choice of materials and finishes, designed exclusively for you. The lights used are either a dimmable white or the very latest in RGBW, with the integral down-lighting can be dimmed, scrolled or paused using our smart phone application. With the desire to replicate the way that nature creates uniform shapes that are also entirely unique in their exact form, we create leaves in five styles, in three sizes, using two different materials, and two finishes.  Each leaf is heated and hand-shaped when being installed.  Whilst golden in appearance, with no two elements the same, the leaves look as natural as possible.


Falling Leaf Chandelier


The basic premise of our falling leaf chandeliers says it in the name, as the leaves are not only appear to be suspended in the air, but also in an active state of moving, and falling. Ideal for areas with high ceilings, we are able to offer various lengths, and lighting colours can achieve a different kind of ambience depending on the setting. We are able to use 3D laser printed leaves, yet also use more traditional techniques and materials, cutting the leaves from brass by hand, and hand-stamping them with the vein pattern, powdering coating white on the interior and electroplating the outer surface.


Autumn Leaf Chandelier


Formed of four different surface treatments that complement each other beautifully, the autumn leaf chandelier provides light and dark mottle and light and dark patination. The raw brass is used and hand-stamped with a fly press to create the leaf veins, with the surface Patinated using different chemicals, and lacquered to halt the patination process, protecting the rich surface finish. Each leaf is also hand-bent, polished and coated in a fine matt lacquer. The autumn leaf design was built on the foundations of our original falling leaf design.


Contact Us


To find out more about our falling leaf chandeliers, get in touch with us by completing our online contact form or emailing us at Alternatively, you can call us on 01939 232 652 to speak to a member of our team directly and we will be happy to help you with any queries you may have for us about our falling leaf chandeliers or any other aspects of our business.

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