Perspective from a small business: Planning for Armageddon

We all remember the great big carrot (bus) story that proclimed that £350 million pounds per week would be free to spend on the NHS if we leave Europe; what we were not told was how much it would cost us to achieve this.How much it would cost to push the country over a cliff edge, without a care for health and safety, something we are normally pretty hot on as a nation.

I have run my own business since 1987, that’s 32 years of hard work; working on average 6 days a week. Much of my time is spent looking forwards and planning for any contingencies that may arise; we all problem solve on an everyday basis; I mean you have to second guess what may affect the smooth running of your business before it happens. You have to plan, don’t you? Otherwise you end up just reacting to outside stimuli with all the finesse of a single celled algae.

Now, I am not particularly political but over the past two years I have become increasingly annoyed at what can only be described as a political farce; I mean it’s just plain embarrassing, irresponsibility on a mass scale. We are all being told that we are leaving Europe in the very near future. Whatever the cost, apparently – with no firm plans – just acting on principal.

Like many in the UK, I am woefully embarrassed with our politicians since they seem devoid of common sense and the ability to plan for something they professed to know about. To complete the analogy, we are becoming one large ostracised amoeba, stranded in a fast evaporating drop of water.

There doesn’t appear to be any coherent plan, just the mantra; “the people have spoken, and it is our duty to listen and carry out their wishes”. We were not asked if we were willing to leave should our government be unable to arrange a proper strategy.

The other day I listened to three politicians profess that all of the three choices currently on the table were untenable, non-viable and ‘rubbish’ but in order to end the hell they are enduring they felt compelled to vote for the least humiliating, but could not decide which of the three. I’m sure that any one of us would put more planning into buying a washing machine.

Instead of the £350 million we were going to free up for the NHS, Brexit is apparently costing the UK between £500m and £800m per week, or around £40 billion so far, according to Mark Carney of the Bank of England.

Hurrah for Democracy.

European Council president Donald Tusk tweeted recently of “a special place in hell” for “those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan of how to carry it out safely". He could have just called our government irresponsible on a grand scale but I kind of like his sentiment.

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