What is this thing with immigrants?


Writing a blog has necessitated the need for me to check up on facts, statistics and opinions; I am not a researcher or writer; I am a glassmaker by trade and now a chandelier manufacturer who just wants to get some things off my chest.

“No deal” appears to mean that we are committed in placing every person and business in the UK (and let’s not forget those Brits who live and work outside the UK) in jeopardy for the foreseeable future. Oh, and let’s not forget all those ‘foreigners’ and ‘migrants’ on which we depend and have depended on for generations.

Immigrants were coming to Britain long before the welfare state was invented. Go back far enough and those of us who are not truly indigenous are, by definition, immigrants.

I have an opinion that I need to share. This is unusual for me as I do not have the time or patience for Twitting or Farcebook, and I dislike unsocial-media intensely as people disrespect others disproportionally, safe in their anonymity. I do not and have never had any personal accounts where I feel it necessary to air my personal views… until now.

Tonight, while writing I asked Mr Google a question in a Monty Python manner:

‘What have the migrants ever done for us?’

I read about 4 articles; this is what the word on the street is –

Without an inflow of external creativity, i.e migrants, we apparently would not have The Mini (founded by a Greek asylum seeker), Marks and Spencer (Marks was a refugee from Belarus), Thunderbirds (all happened after escaping from the Ukraine), or the House of Windsor (imported from all over).

I am not averse to roast dinners, fish and chips, Yorkshire pudding, a full English breakfast, Cornish pasties, or strawberries and cream – (just not all in the same meal).

I also greatly enjoy chicken tikka masala, spag bol, lasagne, chilli, pizza, Thai green curry, KFC, salt and pepper squid, and the odd mixed meat kebab in a naan, like millions of other Brits.

The 3% of me that is healthy loves a spicy Thai salad, pho soup, sushi (I do really like sushi!), hummus and falafels.

This is the serious bit ….                                           

What would we do without all the bus drivers, nurses, doctors, cleaners, skilled building contractors, footballers, Olympic sportsmen and women, child carers, musicians and artists who have travelled from around the world to contribute to our culture and economy for generations?

How about the Kenyans, Gurkhas, Muslims and Polish that fought alongside us in years gone by?


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