Accountability for the future generations

Undoubtedly, we the great British public, have been misled and had our expectations squashed by incoherence and incompetence. It obvious now in hindsight that we were only told half the story at a point where it mattered most.

Many of us voted for Brexit as an expression of our dissatisfaction in our ‘governors’ and our political systems.

Personally, I wouldn't trust any of our politicians to work on behalf of the public. We are being led by the short and curlies towards an increasingly terrifying void by Theresa May, who let’s face it, I do not remember being voted in by the common man.

Like many other people in the UK I have no real allegiance to either the Conservatives or Labour.

Both parties occupy themselves with conflict, scoring one over the opposition, rather than the good of the country. We are literally paying for their mistakes. All profess to have our interests at heart, yet they appear more concerned for their jobs and retaining power. Our bottom line seems to be one of resignation or apathy and our future seems dictated by the repercussions of politicians running out of ideas, time and sense.

Ironically James Dyson fled to Singapore recently, Airbus and Nissan are poised to fly the coup, as are Sony and Panasonic. To follow are Jaguar, Range Rover, P&O, and JP Morgan to name but a few (36% of UK financial service companies have apparently considered or confirmed relocating their staff to Europe).

Conversely ‘migrant’ companies, such as Amazon, Google, Starbucks and Apple, should rightfully be criticised and penalised for their lack of tax contribution to the UK, but we all like a coffee whilst purchasing goods on our laptop, don’t we?                                   

Alan Sugar gave a memorable speech in October 2018 where he condemned the government suggesting that “if company law rules were to apply to politicians, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, amongst others, should be prosecuted and held responsible for putting the country under five to ten years of post-Brexit turmoil.”

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