How Do I Specify a Chandelier?

As a totally bespoke lighting company, we design each and every chandelier to suit the particular environment and application as detailed by our clients. Each client specification starts with a conversation. We need to understand as much as we can about where the chandelier will hang, what look you are after, and an understanding of your budget. 

We then aim to produce a detailed design specification drawing that will incorporate the relevant architectural detail (usually obtained from your architect’s building drawings) onto which we can layout a considered and appropriate chandelier design.

For details of how to specify your chandelier, click here...

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How Many Glass Features Should My Chandelier Have?

The amount of glass required will be determined by the length and overall size of the chandelier. Budget is also a consideration. We offer many different styles of chandelier, with differing quantities of glass, to suit most applications. Click here for more information.

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How Are the Chandeliers Fitted to the Ceiling?

Unlike traditional chandeliers, which tend to hang from a single point, our contemporary chandeliers feature a ceiling top plate. This top plate will vary in size and shape depending on the design and scale of your particular chandelier. A typical 2m long chandelier will have a top plate between 600mm and 800mm wide.

The ceiling to which the top plate is to be fitted must be reinforced to ensure a strong and secure fixing across the area of the fitting. We usually recommend one or two layers of 18mm plywood secured between ceiling joists just above the plasterboard. All of our top plates feature structural frames or support trays specifically designed to manage the weight of the chandelier yet always hidden from view to maintain the aesthetic.

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What Finishes of Top Plate Are Available?

Square and rectangular top plates can be specified in mirror-polished stainless steel or professionally PU painted moisture-resistant MDF, the latter being available in white, or for an additional charge colour-matched to any RAL or Pantone colour reference. Circular or elliptical designs are available in either mirror-polished stainless steel or white powder-coated aluminium (other paint colours are available on request).

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How Do the Chandeliers Work?

Our chandeliers do not run on standard light bulbs; they use custom LED modules and as such require a low voltage power supply. They can be operated via a standard light switch, dimmer unit, or integrated into a smart home system. Contact us for more information.

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What Colour Leds Can I Have in My Chandelier?

Our white LEDs are available in a number of colour temperatures:

  • Cool (5000K), Neutral (3000K), and Warm (2700K)
  • Cooler temperatures provide a more striking, contemporary effect whilst warmer LEDs will complement softer-toned environments.

We also offer coloured, or RGB, LEDs in some of our chandeliers. These allow for vibrant and exciting colours to be displayed but can be adjusted to provide softer lighting effects when required. Colours and programmed sequences are controlled via remote control or smartphone.

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How Do I Change an Led if It Fails?

The simple answer is: you will very rarely have to. We use very high specification Philips Luxeon Rebel LEDs in combination with effective heat sinking giving a minimum life expectancy of 50,000 hours. Assuming your chandelier is on for 8 hours a day, this equates to over 16 years of care-free illumination. On the very rare occasion that an LED needs replacing, it is a straightforward job to remove the glass and swap the LED module. Spares and replacements are available upon request.

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How Much Will My Chandelier Cost to Run?

A 25 sphere ‘Elements’ chandelier will cost only £10* per year to run (based on 8 hours of use per day). This compares to a single traditional 60W light bulb costing £25* per year.
*Approximate costs based on price of 14 pence per kWh

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How Can I Also Illuminate My Ceiling?

Should additional task lighting be required at higher level then we can incorporate a secondary lighting schedule around the perimeter of the top plate. By including a recess between the ceiling and the top plate and housing LEDs within it, an attractive lighting effect can be achieved to provide additional lighting at ceiling level. This additional system can be controlled, independently of the chandelier, via remote control.

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What About Delivery and Installation?

We offer a UK wide delivery and installation service, which we can quote for on request. Alternatively we can deliver chandeliers under supply only terms (or for collection from our premises) to be installed by your own electrical contractors. In these instances we will provide detailed installation instructions. For our overseas customers, we can provide competitive rates for shipping via our freight forwarding partners. All chandeliers are shipped in highly secure wooden packing cases and insurance is always included.

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