How to Choose the perfect Chandelier?

June 27, 2022

How to choose the perfect chandelier

You may think that when it comes to providing a bespoke chandelier, all the designer needs to do is consider the styles of their particular artistry and marry it along with the theme and personal tastes of the person who commissions it.  Whereas personal preferences and the natural artistic style of the designer will have a heavy bearing on the end result, other considerations need to be discussed and taken into account during the design and production of a custom-made chandelier.

Although the professional skills of the glass maker and designer, along with the ability to make unique pieces just for you allows for the freedom of design in a number of ways, the rooms, dimensions and layout must still influence the choices you make.

Ultimately, when choosing lighting there is no reason why it should be exclusively functional, and indeed on some occasion’s lights can be purely just for decorative purposes.  However, where your bespoke chandeliers are to be hung, should guide and shape the design itself and effect any custom chandelier makers that wish to provide the best results.

So, first consider where your bespoke lighting is for?  If it is for a hallway or to be placed over a stairwell, then more flair may be used, and size may be less of a consideration, as often a person chooses to have a contemporary chandelier put here to make a great impact and impression as they and others walk around the area.  However, if it is for a dining area, more balance with the surrounding furniture and décor will be required, and the level of lighting, as well as the size and shape of the design must be considered.

For example, you may want to have a chandelier that provides soft lighting and some ambience to a dining area.  However, if you do not have enough light for you or any guests to comfortably eat and drink, chat and see the rest of the surroundings, you may need to keep other lighting on, thus ruining the impact.  The type of glass used, the colours in your individual lights, and the kind of light fitting (bulbs) it is for, will all have an impact on these factors.

Equally, if the chandelier is too big for the area it may distract and detract from the rest of the room, causing anyone present to perhaps feel less comfortable.  Even an absolutely beautiful piece of art, if placed in the wrong area and surroundings, can lose all of its attraction and advantage.

The beauty of contemporary chandeliers UK customers can choose to have created, is that all of these factors can be taken into account before and during the creation by your own custom chandelier makers.  Measurements can be taken, and designs discussed.  The kind of atmosphere you wish to create, not just for a home, but for any kind of property that wishes to have beautifully unique chandelier lighting, is a huge part of the design process.

When choosing a design for a home or other property, the above considerations come down to five points. 1) The lighting requirements, 2) the scale and size of the area, including the height of the ceiling, 3) what kind of control do you want for your lights (I.e dimmer switches or integrated home lighting systems), 4) your personal tastes, and 5) the setup and styles already present in the room the chandelier is for.

So, how can custom chandelier makers help you with these issues?  When commissioned to create bespoke chandeliers, not only must a consultation be made with the customers themselves, but the area it is for must be seen by the custom chandelier makers, to ensure they can work in complete harmony with everything else.  By showing a range of designs and how exactly they will look, you will be able to see for yourself the impact on the space, and choose the designs created that best suits your requirements.

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