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One Off Designs, Created Specifically For Your Individual Space, designed with the latest Energy saving LEDs with longevity in mind

The Contemporary Chandelier Company designs, builds and installs lit sculptures that simply cannot be sourced anywhere else. Our focus is on providing a unique aesthetic, with extremely low running costs. Building on over 30 years’ experience of working with blown glass and cast acrylics, we combine these beautiful materials with skilled craftsmanship and the latest technologies to create a unique collection of chandeliers and wall lighting.

We specialise in large installations and centrepieces, tailored individually to enhance and compliment their setting.

Whether residential or commercial, each project is developed in an informed conversation between client and designer, often initiated by overlaying the intended design onto architectural drawings. Consequently, each project is original, distinctive and completely bespoke.

All our creations are handcrafted in England and we produce only a limited number annually. We regularly work with architects, Interior Design practices and individual clients in both the UK and in over 15 countries worldwide

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Founded in 2002 by husband-and-wife team, Iestyn and Beverley Davies, the Contemporary Chandelier Company emerged from a desire to see their own hand-blown sculptural work brought to life with light. The intention was to develop and diversify their existing art glass business “Blowzone” into a new venture; encompassing the new emerging LED technology and combining it with their considerable expertise in glass design, manufacture and aesthetics.

“We were the first UK lighting company to use LEDs as an unseen light source, using the effect of the light through our glass, rather than just creating glass shades” says iestyn Davies, who is the company’s Principal Designer.

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