A Unique collection of

Contemporary Lighting & Sculpture

By Iestyn Davies

One Off Designs, Created Specifically for Your Individual Space

The Contemporary Chandelier Company designs, builds and installs sculptures in light and glass that simply cannot be sourced anywhere else. Building on over 30 years’ experience of working with blown glass, we combine this beautiful material, skilled craftsmanship, and the latest technologies to create a unique collection of chandeliers, wall lighting and water features. We specialise in large installations and centrepieces, tailored individually to enhance and complement their setting.

Whether indoor or outdoor, residential or commercial, each project is developed in an informed conversation between client and designer, often initiated by overlaying the intended design onto architectural drawings. Consequently each project is original, distinctive and completely bespoke.

All our creations are handcrafted in England and we produce only a limited number annually. Most are destined for residences in the UK, but we increasingly welcome clients from all over the world.


Welcome to The Contemporary Chandelier Company.  We are designers and creators of bespoke contemporary chandeliers, making use of modern materials and sculpting techniques to produce unique lighting effects for dwellings, businesses and commercial premises.

Historically, chandeliers were a combination of practical lighting device and decorative art installation, and due to the expense involved in their construction, they would usually be found only in stately homes, important public buildings, or places of worship.  Entranceways and dining rooms could be tastefully lit by the candles, gas lights, or electric bulbs at the centre of these exquisite masterpieces.  The most exclusive homes even boasted bedroom and staircase chandeliers.

As the crafts and materials involved in chandelier design became more accessible, their use became more widespread.  However, the ornate styles which were common in the vast mansions of former centuries were not always suitable for modern homes; can you imagine what the kind of large drop chandeliers commonly found in churches and museums would look like in your lounge?

In response to both the continuing public interest in chandeliers and the demands of modern architecture, The Contemporary Chandelier Company was founded.  Our purpose is to offer designer chandeliers which continue the traditions of this illustrious craft, while using modern forms and materials to make it more relevant to today’s way of living.  By installing contemporary chandeliers UK homes and businesses can recapture the charm and elegance of classical settings in modern spaces.

From our grandest outdoor installations to subtle stairwell chandeliers, every bespoke piece from The Contemporary Chandelier Company is created by a team of professional craftspeople boasting unparalleled expertise in the field.  With our modern chandeliers UK homes and corporate premises are transformed into unique and exclusive settings for business and for life.

To learn more about our custom chandeliers and our company, contact our team today.

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