Contemporary LED Crystal Chandeliers

Overall Designs With a More Sculptural, More Contemporary Feel

There are many crystal chandeliers to be found commercially. We initially started producing our own designs in response to clients’ specifications where a higher quality of crystal was required, coupled with better lighting and control. We also wanted to try and push the overall designs towards a more sculptural, more contemporary feel whilst still maintaining an element of the traditional sparkle people associate with cut crystal. Each of our ranges utilise high quality Austrian crystal and remote controllable LED downlights within the top plate.

The use of decorative crystal glass for ornamental purposes stretches back hundreds of years, and since the seventeenth century the material has been incorporated into hanging light fixtures to create attractive crystal chandeliers. The prismatic nature of crystal means that a well-designed chandelier will amplify its light source, be that candles, gas lights or electric bulbs. The more ornate the crystal, the more intricate the patterns which will be created as the light dissipates.

These days, traditional crystal chandeliers are a feature you would expect to find in an historical building or stately home, rather than in a modern dwelling or business premises. But occasionally, a new technology comes along which opens up vast new possibilities for a traditional craft. In the case of chandelier manufacture, the development of LED lighting and all the advantages it offers has lead to the opportunity for designers to re-imagine their craft in thrilling new ways. LED lights offer more efficiency and controllability than incandescent bulbs, meaning contemporary crystal chandeliers can be created to be far brighter and more delicate in form than traditional pieces, yet without demanding more energy. Add to this the stunning range of colours available, and it’s easy to see how the combination of crystal ceiling lights and LED technology can fire the imagination.

At The Contemporary Chandelier Company, we have taken on the challenge of designing modern crystal chandeliers which take full advantage of these new possibilities. After assembling a team of professionals who have all the necessary skills to take a project from initial concept to final installation, we are proud to offer a range of crystal LED chandelier designs, including those below. We also undertake special bespoke projects.

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