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November 30, 2020

Spiral and Twist 6d

What makes our designs unique is the artistic, sculptural feel that places them in the contemporary world, whilst still incorporating the traditional sparkle of cut crystal. We offer four different styles within our range, each utilising the best quality Austrian crystal, with a remote controllable LED downlight within the top plate. When you come to us for a contemporary crystal chandelier, we assemble a team of professionals to see your project from its first ideas to the final installation. This means that in addition to our standard range, we are also able to undertake special bespoke projects.

The History of Crystal Chandeliers

Our crystal chandeliers are built on a rich history, with decorative crystal glass having been used for ornamental purposes for hundreds of years. It was in the 1600s it was first incorporated into hanging light fixtures, producing attractive crystal chandeliers. Whatever the source of light, be it candles, gas lights or electric bulbs, the basic principle of crystal being prismatic means that the chandelier will amplify the light and produce intricate patterns as the light dissipates. Combining the tradition of chandeliers with LED lights, you can enjoy increased efficiency and controllability, able to brighten up any room without a high demand for energy.

Contemporary Crystal ‘Swoosh’ Chandeliers

Our Swoosh design makes use of the intrinsic qualities and brilliance of pure Austrian crystal, echoing that of traditional crystal chandeliers. Modern crystal chandeliers, the delicate construction is more informal, offering a modern feel. The design makes use of 3-5 polished steel bands, which are suspended from the top plate. Each band carries a semi spiral drop of Austrian crystal chains, also meaning that less crystal is needed to form the full composition, whilst also alluding to the conical shape of a typical crystal chandelier.

Contemporary Crystal ‘Spiral’ Chandeliers

Crystal Spiral chandeliers can be made in a range of sizes, involving the lighting being integral to the top plate, with the crystal is suspended directly from the top plate in a spiral pattern. This design is a popular choice for a modern twist on the tradition of chandeliers over dining tables, and can be made to form small bedside ceiling chandeliers and wall lights, as well as large installations in airport reception areas.

Contemporary Crystal ‘Twist’ Chandeliers

The crystal Twist design was introduced over four years ago, and was a progression of the Spiral design. It uses the same high quality octagonal Austrian crystal chains and LED downlights, as well as including steel wire which suspended the chains from, forming an open spiral that enables light to enter the structure. The crystal is measured with a high level of accuracy to create the illusion of “invisible” steel wires. This design is best for large spaces with high ceilings and long drops, able to pick up and reflect natural ambient light.

Contemporary Crystal ‘Corporate’ Chandeliers

Our final category of crystal ceiling lights is our special corporate section, involving taking on projects that often require larger compositions, along with additional design and engineering work. In this range, it’s possible for us to create both large and small features that enhance whatever room they are place with. An example of our work producing corporate chandeliers includes that for the World Duty Free Group’s duty-free area in Heathrow Terminal 5.

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