Our Range of LED Glass Chandeliers

January 21, 2021

Elements 1

We process these for use with our in-house, self-built LED modules, designed to enrich the properties of the glass forms, creating a huge visual impact on the surrounding area.

What is LED Light?

The term ‘LED’ refers to a light-emitting diode, which is a semi-conductor light source that emits light when current flows through it. LED lights are often used in place of incandescent light sources for many reasons, including their lower energy consumption and longer lifetime.

The Ice Chandelier

The ‘Ice’ chandelier is sculpted by hand from hot crystal, replicating the historic tradition of glassblowing techniques at the furnace side. Highly artistic and detailed, thousands of mica flakes are buried within a solid glass form. Mica is a natural mineral, which cools at the same rate as the glass. Forming spikes to resemble ice, the chandelier is then lit by an integral bright LED, heightening the visual effect.

The Elements Chandeliers

The chandeliers in the ‘Elements’ range are the most popular choice of LED chandelier. Made of clear glass balls, the elements that make it up are hand-blown in the traditional way. The glass balls are then handled in our studio and cut to our unique pattern on a diamond wheel. The light itself is not entirely visible, ticked away inside the the shank of each sphere, emitting. glorious light.

Silk, Latticello and Seaform Chandeliers

Next in our LED are three other designs that all explore how an integrated light source intensifies the effect of glass. The ‘Silk’ chandelier uses a technique where thin streams of clear glass are wound around a blown form, creating a distortion of the central light, encapsulated by each of the streams of glass. ‘Latticello’ chandeliers are influenced by an ancient Roman technique. A modern twist means that a thin white glass cane is manipulated to ceate an optical pattern. ‘Seaform’ chandeliers aim to replicate organisms that live in the depths of the ocean, conjuring up images of the dark but illuminated environments of the sea.

Crizzle Chandeliers

Finally, the ‘Crizzle’ range of chandleiers is a development of the ‘Elements’ design. These make use of the same innovative integral LED lighting system, fusing together warm and cool LEDs to create a contemporary style whilst using traditional glass making processes. With chandeliers with leaves, stained glass or great orbs, there is sure to be something to suit your style within our offerings.

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