Falling Leaf Chandeliers

September 7, 2021

Imagine illuminated leaves, suspended as though falling in the air. Our falling leaf chandeliers offer a unique light feature that can appear to slow or stop time, creating an incredible ambience in any room. Using kinetic lighting design, our falling leaf chandeliers were our first venture into lighting of this kind, combining brass and 3D-printed leaf elements.

Fusing together the organic beauty of the natural world with the latest technology through wirelessly controlled lighting effects and a virtually invisible monofilament suspension system, the addition of movement brings the chandelier to life in a hypnotic display of colour and visual texture.

Each falling leaf arrangement is made from a wide palate of interchangeable leaf forms, each produced from either patinated or electroplated brass or laser sintered polymer, making each chandelier design one-of-a-kind. They are made bespoke, with your specifications regarding your desired materials and finishes.

When it comes to the lighting element, falling leaf chandeliers can be produced with either dimmable white light, or the very latest in RGBW. The lights are usually held within a highly polished stainless steel or polished acrylic top plate, which creates a full mirrored image when viewed from below. It is possible to dim the integral down-lighting as well as scrolling or pausing through our Smart Phone App.

Our falling leaf chandeliers allude to the tradition of taking artistic inspiration from nature, with our chandeliers taking this history a step further by suspending the leaves in such a way as to appear that they are spiralling in a current of air. In addition to our falling leaf chandeliers, we also offer a specific autumnal aesthetic with our autumn leaf chandeliers. Whichever design you prefer, just as in nature, we aim to make each of the leaves unique rather than repeat generic shapes by creating leaves in five styles, each in three sizes, two materials, and two finishes.

In our autumn design, each individual element is heated and hand-shaped upon installation, so the gold leaf chandelier effect is made to look as natural as possible, with no two elements ever being exactly the same.  If you would like one of these bespoke chandelier designs as your centrepiece in an entrance hall, stairway or reception areas, please get in touch today to discover more.

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