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July 20, 2021

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Here at the Contemporary Chandelier Company, we provide our clients with a range of chandelier designs, combining lighting with sculpture. Today we are going to focus on staircase chandeliers, covering what they are, how you place them, and how to find the perfect style for your home.

What are Staircase Chandeliers?

Staircase chandeliers, also known as stairwell chandeliers, are designed to work with the stairwell of a building. They do not tend to go over the staircase itself, but rather adjacent to it. They work particularly well for staircases with a large centre, so they can be viewed from each landing area. They also work well for grand open staircases that sweep around the building, make more of a focal point of the area. The staircase includes the steps themselves, whilst a stairwell refers to the empty space that extends vertically through the building, containing the stairs. It is the stairwell where these types of chandeliers are placed.

How do you Place Staircase Chandeliers?

When considering the position of your chandelier, the precise measurements are key. Whilst an object of beauty, the practical side of their use is to illuminate the space, so this is important to keep in mind through the design process. You could try to add the length and width of the room together, and this total should offer the diameter of your chandelier. You should also measure the distance between the stairs, the railing, and the ceiling, avoiding it being in easy reach, so it is untouchable.

Find Your Style

When considering a style, it is important to think of the setting that you are placing it in. Whether you go for a more modern look, or stick with a traditional aesthetic, we can create something to suit your interior style. For example, our falling leaf designs can offer illuminated leaves cascading down your stairwell, or we can produce something bespoke just for you.

Other Factors to Consider

There are more elements to consider when installing your staircase chandelier. This includes making sure your ceiling’s loading capacity is going to support your new staircase feature, how you will access it (for example, for cleaning and replacing bulbs), and what kind of lightbulbs you would like. For example, we offer LED lights that help to save energy, and require less changing, available in an array of colours.

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