Jellyfish Chandeliers

December 16, 2021

Here at the Contemporary Chandelier Company, we provide our clients with a range of lighting designs, combining lighting with sculpture. Today we are going to focus on our blown glass jellyfish chandelier, looking at the creatures that inspired it and what we have to offer for sale.

The Inspiration of The Jellyfish

In the natural world, although some jellyfish contain potentially deadly venom, there remains a fascination with these sea creatures. Formed of an umbrella-shaped bell body and trailing tentacles, these sea creatures have existed for at least 500 million years and are considered the oldest multi-organ animal group. It is some species of jellyfish’s bioluminescence that has been the inspiration for the jellyfish chandeliers we have to offer our customers.

What is Bioluminescence?

Simply put, bioluminescence is when a living organism emits light. In the deep dark of the ocean, some types of jellyfish provide this phosphorescence and display an incredible beauty. Whilst bioluminescence can be used for many reasons, including attracting a mate and communication, with jellyfish it is thought to be a warning to other of potential predators.

Our Jellyfish Chandeliers

It is from the bioluminescence of jellyfish where we draw inspiration from for these chandeliers, in terms of both their form and fluidity of movement. Our designs include glass, mirrored acrylic, mica and light to create these unique lit sculptures, which is dynamic in its use of lighting. We offer two styles within this range as interior lighting for the modern home interior.

Choose Your Design

The first in our range of jellyfish chandeliers is the ‘Medusa’, which is named after the sexual phase of the sea creature, yet also carries its own mythology. The second is the ‘Hydra’, which is named after a jellyfish-like organism. The ‘Medusa’ design is the most complex, made of two lighting circuits, with the first illuminating both the main body and glass tentacles with full colour LEDs, and the second illuminating the fibre optics. The smaller option is the ‘Hydra’ design, which can be made with two sets of fibre option, which are thicker than in the ‘Medusa’ design.

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