Glass Chandeliers

December 16, 2021

Combining striking designs and modern illumination, we produce unique components to create modern glass chandeliers. Most of our styles hide the light source within the composition, a signature feature of Contemporary Chandelier Company Ltd. Today, we will explore the range of blown glass chandeliers we design and how they can elevate your surroundings.


As our most popular design to date, the Elements range is a dazzling centrepiece for any room. Each clear ball is hand-blown in the UK and cut to a pattern so that the hidden light source appears to radiate from the sphere’s centre. The Elements range is available in Cool White and Warm Light LEDs to enhance the atmosphere of your environment.


Suited for narrow spaces and wider compositions, our striking Ice chandeliers are a spectacular addition to any room. Crafted by master glassmakers in the UK, the spikes are made from hot crystal sculpted at the furnace side. With a design exclusive to CCC Ltd, we trap thousands of Mica flakes inside the solid hot crystal form. Each spike is lit individually by a super bright LED, available with warm, cool, white, and full colour-changing bulbs.

Silk, Latticello, and Seafoam

We offer a range of three explorations of how integrated light sources enhance the natural beauty of glass. Silk is formed by a sphere of blown glass wrapped with thin, winding trails that capture and distort the central light. Latticellois a modern spin on an ancient Roman technique of twisting a thin cane to create a distinctive optical motif. Seafoam is a unique composition inspired by microscopic organisms that illuminate the depths of the ocean.


Following the success of the Elements range, we introduced the ‘Crizzle’ to feature the same innovative design and integral LED system. The Crizzle range fuses traditional techniques and contemporary styling to create a captivating, fragile appearance.

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We use several techniques to form exquisite objects and bespoke statement pieces. From clear to stained glass chandeliers, we can create an illuminating centrepiece to suit your style. You can discover more about our contemporary chandeliers by staying up to date with the latest news on our blog. Do not hesitate to reach out to our team by completing our online form or speaking to us directly by email or phone.

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