The Beauty of Contemporary LED Crystal Chandeliers

January 21, 2022

When you think of LED lights, you might not think immediately of a beautiful home installation. LED might make you think about technology like a television or a torch, something that is practical more than beautiful. If that case, you probably wouldn’t think about a crystal LED chandelier. Yet the reality is that this bright light technology is a great modern option for a contemporary design of fitting for a feature.

LED and crystal glass is the perfect fusion of classic materials with cutting edge design and technology. Crystal has long been used in the creation of beautiful chandeliers. It has the right qualities to make a striking and eye-catching display. Good quality crystal is ideal for splitting light. It amplifies and scatters light in a pleasing way. Additionally, the glass crystal is ideal for cutting into defined shapes. That gives the creator a lot of control over the finished design. As it dissipates and refracts through the crystal, it sparkles, shines and dances in the room.

Over the years, many different types of illumination have been used with chandeliers. For example, the very oldest examples featured arrays of candles. The golden flickers of the flame would fracture amongst the beautiful glass work.  Later on, gas and then electrical lights were fitted into chandeliers to give a more convenient light source with less maintenance.

But what about LED lighting? Can you make beautiful LED crystal chandeliers that can stand up to the high quality you want for your home? At the Contemporary Chandelier Company, we know that the answer is definitely yes!

LED is the perfect option for stylish modern crystal chandeliers. The name means ‘light emitting diode’. In simple terms, this is a semiconductor device which generates light by electroluminescence. When electricity passes through the unit, illumination is generated. For many years, these were simply used on circuit boards and electrical units to indicate a power source, but in modern times these are used to generate a bright light, enough to illuminate an entire room.

One of the advantages to LEDs is that they produce a high output for low energy input; in fact, this type of lighting can be more energy efficient than most other types on the market. They also have a long lifespan, which means that you have minimum maintenance to keep everything looking great. They are less effected by cold temperatures than some other types, so they will work even if you have not had the heating on. They are resilient to frequent switching on and off, and they can be used to create more delicate designs than many alternative light sources. Additionally, whilst many designs feature white light, it is also possible to use coloured lighting to create a truly unique design.

At the Contemporary Chandelier Company, we are confident that you will love our beautiful style of crystal chandeliers and crystal ceiling lights. Why not look over our online collections, or if you want a bespoke design for your home, contact our team. We are happy to discuss your requirements and create exactly what you need as a feature design for your home.

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