A Guide to Cleaning Chandeliers

February 15, 2022

Closeup of hands cleaning the chandelier

Many customers use our specialist services for contemporary designs of stunning modern glass chandeliers, including bespoke lighting designs. After all, a chandelier is the idea way to create a central feature for a room, or to utilise the drop over a staircase with stairwell chandeliers. One common question that customers mention is about how they are cleaned. Like all home installations, including simpler light fittings, over time dust can build up, as well as spider webs. What can you do when it is time to clean your beautiful light installation?

One option is to get professional cleaning services. This has the advantage of removing the fuss and hard work, since the team will do all the cleaning and reinstalling. If you want any advice over selecting a cleaning team, or to discuss your chandelier, feel free to contact us using the details on the website.

However, we will assume that you want to do the cleaning yourself. What are your options and how can you go about it? There are three main ways that you can do the cleaning, but before we mention them, it is important to do a little preparation to keep you safe and your room tidy.

Before doing any sort of cleaning on your crystal ceiling lights, you need to ensure that the electricity is securely turned off. Unless you have a lot of natural light, it would be a good idea to set up an alternative light source in the room so that you can see what you are doing. Next, you will need an appropriate ladder, like a platform or stepladder to work from. You should always ensure that it is set up securely and positioned safely, and that there is a second person to stabilise the ladder whilst you are using it to avoid falls. Then, you can remove the bulbs carefully from the fittings. If you will be cleaning with water, carefully fill the sockets with tissue paper to keep them dry. Finally, put down a dust sheet on the floor below – if you will be using water, you might want to put a couple of dust sheets down to soak up any drips.

Having prepared, you have a choice. One option is to use water, with a glass or chandelier cleaner in it mixed to the correct dilution. This can be gently sprayed onto the crystals. The cleaning solution will break down any grease or dust, before dripping down to the ground (which is why you need the sheets on the floor). Leave it for long enough for all the liquid to drip – you don’t want to put the bulbs back in or connect the electricity when it is still wet. Once it is dry, you are ready to use it again.

The second option is to clean the crystals by hand. It is a slower method but avoids the need to have drips of water from your chandelier. Wearing white gloves which do not shed, and a microfibre cloth which does not shed, gently clean each crystal. Be careful to not pull on the fittings as you clean them, and avoid touching them with bare skin, as you can leave natural oils on the crystal.

The third option is to take down the chandelier. However, this is a very time-consuming option. For this, you will need the installation instructions. We recommend that you take a photo of the fitting before you take it down, and that you work in a logical order so that you can remember which order to put it back up in. If it is one of our chandeliers, you might want to chat to our team before getting started.

Whether you have large drop chandeliers, a silk chandelier, or something entirely different, cleaning is time consuming but not complicated. Why not contact us to discuss cleaning your chandelier installation, or look on our website to see our latest designs?

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