5 Unique Chandelier Ideas That Will Wow You

May 4, 2022

Autumn leaf 3

Chandeliers make any space look amazing but only if you will get the type, kind, and size that perfectly fits the place’s theme and its other elements. Some chandeliers will wow you at some places but will lose that factor when you install the same fixture in your space.

It’s not about the lights, but more about where they are installed. This is where we can help you. Our team of professional craftspeople behind The Contemporary Chandelier Company will ensure you get what you exactly need.

The products of The Contemporary Chandelier Company continue to evolve to answer the demand of the times. We currently have the following collection as the most sought-after and popular:

1. Translucence

Every pendant light is uniquely made and slightly differs from each light comprising the whole masterpiece. The light source enhances a space while creating focus at the centre due to its laser-cut acrylic detail. The pendant was designed as a stand-alone piece and looks stunning when used in a multi-layered chandelier. Each vessel in the Translucence collection is hand-blown to create a unique swirling pattern.

2. Contemporary LED Crystal Chandeliers

It’s not new for decorative crystal glasses to be used in designing chandeliers. They may come off as traditional we have given our products a modern appeal. We have integrated LED lights into our contemporary LED crystal chandeliers.

This move makes these light fixtures attractive to homes and business places instead of solely on stately homes or historical buildings. Now it’s possible to have these long classy pieces at the centre of your home without breaking the bank with huge energy bills.

3. Contemporary LED Glass Chandeliers

These chandeliers are popular among those who prefer pieces that have both classical and contemporary appeal. The glass forms are enhanced through our self-built, in-house LED modules. Once all elements are combined as a chandelier, you will be amazed at how the simple classic pieces turn out to be a grand centrepiece.

For this collection, we offer the Crizzle Chandeliers, Silk Latticello and Seafoam, Elements Chandeliers, and Ice Chandeliers. You can choose which style you prefer and what will turn your space from basic to a wonderland.

4. Jellyfish Chandeliers

While real jellyfishes can be deadly, they inspire lovely creative designs for chandeliers. Our products for this collection were inspired by the sea creature’s shape’s fluidity and bioluminescence.

They are perfect for spaces with the under the sea theme. The chandeliers are made from light, mica, mirrored acrylic, and glass – perfectly assembled to create a unique sculpture of lights. We currently have the Hydra and Medusa designs sold under the Jellyfish Collections.

5. Falling Leaf Chandeliers

Imagine the falling of colourful autumn leaves in your space while being illuminated with lights that enhance the design and the falling effect. We have worked hard to patinate the design on the leaves using copper and brass. After getting lacquered and patinated, we can also manipulate each leaf to turn them into more organic shapes and make the falling of the leaves’ effect appear more realistic.

As a bonus, we accept specially commissioned designs based on our client’s preferences and requirements.

6. Special Commissions

We have accomplished more than 30 chandelier pieces with smaller fish and water designs for hotel trade and private clients. This glass fish in the sample proves the bigger potential of hot glass sculptures in making fixtures and home decors.

We at The Contemporary Chandelier Company, specialize in chandeliers suited for modern architecture in UK homes and businesses. Our chandeliers will never fail to wow; they are practical, functional, and can turn any dull space into something modern and magical. Visit our websites to check out more of our product samples.


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