Falling Leaf Chandeliers

Our range of Leaf chandeliers signifies our first foray into kinetic lighting design, using both Brass and 3D printed leaf components.  Each composition is created from a wide palate of interchangeable leaf forms, each produced from either patinated or electroplated brass or laser sintered polymer.

Each chandelier is produced as a bespoke item available in a wide variety of materials and finishes, designed exclusively for your project. Available in either dimmable white or the very latest in RGBW, the integral down- lighting can be dimmed, scrolled or paused using our Smart Phone App.

These lights are usually held within a highly polished stainless steel or polished acrylic top plate, which creates a full mirrored image when viewed from below.

In the following slides you can see how various clients have specified the selection of leaf materials within their compositions.

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