Jellyfish Lights

June 18, 2021

Here at Contemporary Chandeliers, we use various hot glass techniques to create a wide selection of handmade objects, incorporating blown and solid elements within our glass chandeliers designs. As part of our range, we offer blown glass jellyfish chandelier lights for sale. Today we are going to focus on the features of these chandeliers, the techniques used to create them, and the different types from which you can choose.

The Jellyfish Chandelier

Whilst in reality, jellyfish can be dangerous sea creatures, there is a fascination with their beauty which is often captured on nature documentaries, where we can keep safe distance from their fatal stings. Inspired by the shape and movement of these sea creatures, we aim to capture the beauty of the jellyfish in these chandelier designs. Through the use of colour and light, our jellyfish chandeliers evoke the bioluminescence of these natural phenomena.

Blown Glass Techniques

Our jellyfish chandeliers are formed using hand-blown glass techniques, which are combined with mirrored acrylic and mica material. These are then lit up to create stunning chandelier sculptures. Within our jellyfish range, we offer two designs: the ‘Medusa’ and the ‘Hydra’. Whichever you opt for, when placed in a room, each will transport you to a magical underwater world.

Medusa Jellyfish Chandeliers

The ‘Medusa’ jellyfish chandelier is made from two lighting circuits, with the first illuminating the main body and glass tentacles with full colour LEDs, and the second lights being the fibre optics. The body of the jellyfish light is made from hand-blown glass, with flecks of mica encapsulated within the glass. It consists of eight trails of glass on the surface, with eight individually sculptured glass tentacles. The full colour RGB LED tape runs vertically throughout the body, which is attached to the mirrored acrylic, which forms the inner core, reflecting the mica elements.

Hydra Jellyfish Chandeliers

Due to the international popularity of the original ‘Medusa’ jellyfish lights, we developed the ‘Hydra’ jellyfish chandeliers. This chandelier is much more suitable for export to the USA and other countries overseas. Instead of the fragile tentacles, the Hydra chandelier features a dynamic array of handmade fibre optic strands. Overall, this option is smaller and less fragile than the original design. It is available in suspended groups in a range of different and complementary shapes. Whichever design would best meet your requirements, you are sure to be able to create a mesmerising and impactful space, whether for an event space, a hotel foyer, or as part of an artistic project.

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