Glass Chandeliers

June 18, 2021

Here at Contemporary Chandeliers, we specialise in supplying chandeliers, from the designing and building stages right through to their installation. Our chandeliers are unique as are not only chandeliers, but artistic sculptures of light and glass. Today we’re going to look at our complete range of glass chandeliers.

The Contemporary LED Glass Chandelier

Our LED chandeliers are like no other, as they are made in-house as self-built LED modules that are made precisely to enhance the properties of the glass. In our range of contemporary LED glass chandeliers, we offer four designs: ‘Ice’ chandeliers, ‘Elements’ chandeliers, ‘Silk, Latticello and Seafoam’ chandeliers, and ‘Crizzle’ chandeliers. The ‘Ice’ chandeliers are formed to look like icicles and ‘Elements’ adopt a spherical shape where the light is hidden. The third range includes ‘Silk’, which involves thin trails of clear glass that are wound around a blown form; ‘Latticello’, which are influenced by an ancient Roman technique, with thin white glass cane twisted to form an optical pattern; and ‘Seaform’, which is inspired by sea creatures and organisms. Lastly, ‘Crizzle’ chandeliers is another glass ball chandelier, which evolved from the ‘Elements’ design, using a mixture of warm and cool light.

The Blown Glass Jellyfish Chandelier

Our jellyfish chandeliers are inspired by the shape and movement of sea creatures, designed to evoke the bioluminescence through the use of colour and light.  The hand-blown glass is combined with mirrored acrylic and mica, lit up to create a beautiful chandelier sculpture. Within this range, we offer two styles: the ‘Medusa’ and the ‘Hydra’. The ‘Medusa’ is made from two lighting circuits: the first illuminates the main body and glass tentacles with full colour LEDs, and the second lights the fibre optics.

The Glass Leaf Chandelier

If you want to bring natural elements into your chandelier design, our falling leaf chandeliers present our first venture into kinetic lighting, combining brass and 3D printed leaf components. These chandeliers are created bespoke for you, in dimmable white lights or RGBW. Within our falling leaf range, we also have an autumn leaf version, which aims to deliver an autumnal feel through its use of natural, golden tones, as opposed to the more vibrant colours of the standard falling leaf chandeliers.


Bespoke Commissioned Chandeliers

Aside from our own designs, which we can customise to the preferences of each client, we are able to create completely bespoke chandeliers as part of a special commission service. Special commissions include wall art, sculptures and installations, and interiors and corporate projects.

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