Jellyfish Chandeliers

June 18, 2021

Jellyfish chandeliers from Contemporary Chandeliers are a bold and unique new style for domestic or commercial environments, created by master craftspeople.  We are confident that a blown glass jellyfish chandelier will automatically become a central feature of any space in which it is installed.  What inspired these jellyfish lights, and how has technology allowed us to go further than ever in recreating the effects of some of nature’s most exotic spectacles right in your own home?

For centuries, the ocean has proved to be an inspiration to fantasy authors, illustrators, and film-makers.  From 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and The Little Mermaid to Moby Dick and Jaws, storytellers have used the underwater realm to represent the exotic and the fantastical, the unknown and the unknowable.

What makes the underwater environment such a fertile source of offbeat ideas?  Firstly, the ocean is inaccessible – without specialist vehicles or apparatus, humans can only explore the infinitesimal fringes of what is by far and away the most extensive surface ecosystem on Earth.  The second factor is the lighting – or lack of it.  Even at latitudes which bask in bright sunlight, the sea gets darker very quickly as you descend.  Many shallow regions are shrouded in a perpetual twilight which adds a sense of mystery, just as does mood lighting in a lounge or nightclub.

Deeper still, the only sources of light are the intriguing bio-luminescent flora and fauna which are found in some regions – which brings us to our third point.  We can all drive through the countryside and observe cows and sheep in the fields.  We can book holidays to see more exotic creatures, such as giraffes and penguins.  But nothing can prepare you for the surreal experience of witnessing the strangest aquatic creatures and plants first-hand.  Eels, anglerfish, cephalopods, and possibly the weirdest of all – Medusozoa, more commonly known as jellyfish – couldn’t be stranger to our eyes if they actually arrived from another planet.

Capturing the essence of this remote realm, and the ethereal beauty if its inhabitants, was the goal of the designers working on this project.  By taking materials which play with the light, and working them into forms which suggest slow and graceful movement, the Contemporary Chandeliers team have created jellyfish lights which are completely unlike anything else available on the market.  Each blown glass jellyfish chandelier boasts hand-crafted elements, and therefore each one is unique.

The latest LED lighting technology has allowed us to take this concept to the next level of realism.  Multi-coloured, dimmable light sources are installed in each ‘jellyfish’, and settings can be changed by remote control.  Meanwhile, the optical fibres which hang down and catch pinpoints of light are almost hypnotic, like the tendrils of some of the strangest and most astonishing creatures you might ever hope to see.

The two types of jellyfish chandelier for sale are the ‘Medusa’ and ‘Hydra’ lines.  To learn more about our jellyfish chandeliers, falling leaf chandeliers, crystal and glass models and other works, please contact us by telephone or online.

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