A contemporary design featuring handblown glass available with a mix of cool and warm leds

The ‘Crizzle’ range fuses contemporary styling and traditional glass making processes; the technique derives from a traditional Roman method where the glass is plunged, still at around 950°C, into and out of cold water. It is the internal micro fractures within the glass that transmit the light from the high performance LED, hidden within the polished stainless steel shank, bonded to each sphere. Hiding the light source is a signature feature of our glass chandeliers.

We typically encourage our clients to specify our ’Crizzle’ with a mix of cool (5000K) and warm (3000K) LED colour temperatures; this provides the clear glass spheres with contrasting silver and bronze tones; another innovation from our company.

The glass appears stressed and fragile but the production process ensures the integrity of each piece through repeated reheating.

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In this age of energy conservation, we endeavour to create all our chandeliers with a really low running cost. Typically, all of our glass chandeliers, even on full power, consume less power than one or two halogen 50 watt bulbs and all our LEDs are expected to last over 11 years even if on 24 hours a day.

All our chandeliers are extremely efficient and cost very little to run. We actually manufacture all our own 1 watt LEDs using the latest commercially available Diodes; tried and tested LED technology. We take additional care when designing our systems, under-driving our LEDs at just 350 ma, prolonging their life expectancy to an anticipated 15 years if only used at night. Each LED runs as part of an integrated low voltage system, usually between 12 and 48 volts.

The LEDs can be replaced in the future, if required. As a matter of course we fully build and test all chandeliers here in our UK studio, prior to installing or shipping to the client.

In all cases we try and ‘futureproof’ our lighting systems; being a low voltage system we ask that the relevant drivers, transformers and/or control systems are located remotely to the chandelier itself to allow for ease of access in the future, if required. As a guide, this can be up to around 8 metres in distance, although in some cases we provide an access hatch within the top plate, although this too has to be accessible.

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