Falling Leaf Chandeliers

June 18, 2021

Here at Contemporary Chandeliers, we specialise in designing, building and installing chandeliers. We believe our chandeliers are unique in that they are not simply chandeliers, but artistic sculptures in light and glass. Today we are shining the spotlight on our falling leaf chandeliers, so read on to find out more.

Leaf Chandeliers

Within our range of leaf chandeliers, we offer the classic falling leaf design, as well as a special autumn leaf option. These designs make up our first venture into kinetic lighting design, employing both Brass and 3D printed leaf elements. Interchangeable leaf forms are formed from either patinated or electroplated brass or laser sintered polymer. The lights used in these chandeliers are usually held within a highly polished stainless steel or polished acrylic top plate, creating a full mirrored image when viewed from below. Fusing together the organic beauty of the natural world with the latest technological developments in the form of wirelessly controlled adaptive leaf chandelier lighting effects and a virtually invisible monofilament suspension system, we combine the final component: movement. The kinetic effects bring the design to life, with a subtle yet enchanting display of colour and texture.

Bespoke Leaf Chandeliers

Every chandelier we create is a bespoke product, where we use your choice of materials and finishes, designed exclusively for you. The lights used are either a dimmable white or the very latest in RGBW, with the integral down-lighting can be dimmed, scrolled or paused using our smart phone application. With the desire to replicate the way that nature creates uniform shapes that are also entirely unique in their exact form, we create leaves in five styles, in three sizes, using two different materials, and two finishes.  Each leaf is heated and hand-shaped when being installed.  Whilst golden in appearance, with no two elements the same, the leaves look as natural as possible.

Falling Leaf Chandelier

The basic premise of our falling leaf chandeliers says it in the name, as the leaves are not only appear to be suspended in the air, but also in an active state of moving, and falling. Ideal for areas with high ceilings, we are able to offer various lengths, and lighting colours can achieve a different kind of ambience depending on the setting. We are able to use 3D laser printed leaves, yet also use more traditional techniques and materials, cutting the leaves from brass by hand, and hand-stamping them with the vein pattern, powdering coating white on the interior and electroplating the outer surface.

Autumn Leaf Chandelier

Formed of four different surface treatments that complement each other beautifully, the autumn leaf chandelier provides light and dark mottle and light and dark patination. The raw brass is used and hand-stamped with a fly press to create the leaf veins, with the surface Patinated using different chemicals, and lacquered to halt the patination process, protecting the rich surface finish. Each leaf is also hand-bent, polished and coated in a fine matt lacquer. The autumn leaf design was built on the foundations of our original falling leaf design.

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