An Innovative Contemporary Collection of Simple Forms and Luxury Finishes.

Circles occur consistently throughout nature and are considered by some to be a ‘perfect’ shape. With their singular symmetry, circles were seen as representations of the “divine” and “natural balance” in ancient Greece.

Our intention was to create a simple interpretation of a circular light but still personalise it with a highly decorative element, offering an alternative to the present utilitarian trend of uber minimalism.

The GlowRing Chandelier is a relatively new addition to our ever-increasing portfolio and features the high performance COB LED tape.

COB refers to the ‘Chip-On-Board’ technology, meaning that there are actually around 500 individual LEDs per meter providing the illumination.

Powered by a simple 12v dimmable driver the whole display can be dimmed digitally down to just a faint glow or powered up to illuminate large spaces.

Typically, the rings are specified in 150, 250 and 350 mm diameters and are created from fully recycled 8mm cast acrylic.

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