Sindhu Restaurant Monstera

The occasional sculpture

The Contemporary Chandelier Company also creates site specific sculptures that may not be light sources but are designed to respond with light.

This is our second creation for the ‘Sindhu’ Restaurant aboard the new P&O superliner, The ‘Arvia’. The project – to create a sculptural centrepiece for a large tabletop, that featured ‘exotic’ foliage, so we adopted the ‘Monstera’ cheese plant leaf as inspiration. We wanted a very organic feeling to the leaves, so we enlisted the help of Jenny Pickford, a sculptor renowned for creating large organic outdoor sculptures, to hand-form the leaves to iestyn’s design.

Meanwhile we researched how to create a soft metallic variegated finish to the leaves, choosing to use the rather industrial process of powder- coating but in more bespoke manner.

Each of the leaves received 3 coats with a bronze/gold fleck overlaying a chrome base coat, finished with a clear laquer.

The buds were made from polished stainless steel and laser cut cast acrylic with a metallic copper overlay.

This was photographed in the studio prior to shipping the next day. Soon to be installed…

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Sindhu Restaurant Monstera
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