Autumn Leaf

Inspired by the natural world, these beautiful chandeliers feature hand-formed brass leaves, hand patinated in a range of finishes.

‘Autumn Leaf ’ is our latest variation within our Leaf chandelier collection.
All our leaves are individually cut from high quality brass sheet and every one of the raised veins are chased in by hand, ensuring that each and every leaf retains a true life-like organic feel.

We have experimented extensively with our in-house patination and together Iestyn and Bev Davies have formulated several rich finishes, drawing on Bev’s experience with patination techniques from over 30 years.

The rich surfaces are further enhanced by highly polishing the raised veins on each leaf, thus providing a contrast to the muted tones of the leaf bodies.

Treating the metal in this way softens the brass, allowing Iestyn to shape each leaf by hand.
With an infinite variety of shapes and textures, each leaf is an artwork in its’ own right.

Each and every ‘Autumn Leaf’ Chandelier is a bespoke arrangement, built in the studio, prior to shipment or installation.

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Autumn Leaf
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