Glass Jellyfish

Ethereal jellyfish sculptures; a hypnotising fusion of sumptuous materials with the latest led control

Inspired by the form and fluidity of sea creatures that use bioluminescence in their chameleonic display. The iconic form of jellyfish, interpreted through a mixture of glass, mirrored acrylic, mica and light, comes together to create a stunning and dynamic lit sculpture.

A truly sculptural work of art is transformed into a dynamic installation using cutting edge integral lighting

Introducing two of our most contemporary and iconic Jellyfish ranges; Medusa and Hydra.
Both ranges capture the transcendental quality of true Jellyfish, each featuring a hand-blown glass dome with applied decoration, with thousands of mica flakes captured within the glass.
Within this decorative blown form sits a highly reflective mirrored acrylic dome, housing
the LEDs and fibre optic looms.

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Glass Jellyfish
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