Halcyon Wall Lights

An Innovative Collection of Sumptuous High Quality wall lights with highly decorative hand created metallic finishes.

This new range of wall lights represent a major departure for us from our iconic chandeliers.

We have spent over two years experimenting with various metallic surfaces, applied to fully recycled cast acrylic.

The ’Halcyon’ range uses a number of these finishes to create a stunning collection of extremely compact, slim wall mounted ‘art’ pieces. Items illustrated are around 380 mm tall and project from the wall between just 55 and 70 mm. Each emits around 12 watts of power, split between the front and rear lighting assemblies.

Each uses COB LED lighting to both the front and back, illuminating the various surface applications to reflect and influence the light output.
All are fully dimmable and each has an on-board driver, meaning that they can be connected direct to mains.
This section will be updated ; please note that the examples shown should be viewed as Research and development prototypes , although some of these have already gone into homes.

Please note: we fully filter all gases produced when using our in-house laser cutting facility and do not extract direct to the outside environment.

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Halcyon Wall Lights
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