Silk, Latticello & Champagne

Beautifully Contemporary Hand Blown Glass Forms, Utilising a Variety of Traditional Glassmaking Techniques

These three ranges further explore how an integrated light source amplifies the natural beauty of glass, itself a singular material.

‘Silk’ involves winding very, very fine trails of clear glass around a blown form so that the central light is distorted and captured by each of the threads

‘Latticello’ is a modern take upon an ancient Roman technique that allows thin white glass cane to be twisted creating a unique optical pattern.

Champagne’ encapsulates fine flakes of Mica within the blown form.

All of the glass components are made in the UK exclusively for CCC by Master Glassmaker Elliot Walker, the winner of the second Award Winning Series ‘Blown Away’ shown on Netflix.

We are often asked to combine various glass designs on a single chandelier, allowing the customer to fully customise their own lighting feature and be part of the design process.

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Silk, Latticello & Champagne

All our chandeliers are extremely efficient and cost very little to run. We actually manufacture all our own 1 watt LEDs using the latest commercially available Diodes; tried and tested LED technology. We take additional care when designing our systems, under-driving our LEDs at just 350 ma, prolonging their life expectancy to an anticipated 15 years if only used at night. Each LED runs as part of an integrated low voltage system, usually between 12 and 48 volts.

The LEDs can be replaced in the future, if required.

As a matter of course we fully build and test all chandeliers here in our UK studio, prior to installing or shipping to the client.

In all cases we try and ‘futureproof’ our lighting systems; being a low voltage system we ask that the relevant drivers, transformers and/or control systems are located remotely to the chandelier itself to allow for ease of access in the future, if required. As a guide, this can be up to around 8 metres in distance, although in some cases we provide an access hatch within the top plate, although this too has to be accessible.

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