A Classic Amphora at the heart of a Contemporary Pendant, fusing glass, cast acrylic and the latest LED technology.

We developed the ‘Amphora’ Design together with the client, for an impressive and singular prestigious location in central Paris.

At the heart of each pendant is an amphora, Hand-blown by Elliot Walker – winner of the Netflix series, “Blown Away” Series 2,to iestyn’s design, before being hand-silvered internally. There are two designs, one smooth, the other with a recessed flattened trail, in two sizes.

The design was further developed with the addition of laser-cut cast clear acrylic fins and COB ( Chip-on-board) LED lighting. The tiny orange dots you can see on the fin facing are the backs of the tiny LED diodes.

We have been requested by the client to not reveal the exact location of this project; suffice to say, this is a beautiful foyer in a beautiful building in a beautiful city.

One of the main criteria behind this design was that each of the pendants needed to provide a significant amount of light when placed within the enormous 19m high stairwell, yet produce no bright spots: acting as both a ‘task’ and decorative light source.

This 16m long chandelier had to be hand built by our team on site, taking 5 days in total.
Due to the nature of the building and its heritage, the main stairwell had been illuminated for the last 30 years with ancient brass fittings, until its recent, long overdue renovation, starting in 2019 and still ongoing.

The last few slides show a view from the second and third floors during installation showing the top part of the 19m high scaffold we used to compose and assemble this unique chandelier. The last slide shows the 3m long oval top plate seen from the ground floor.

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